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R. Brooks Fenno House Trivet

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This previously owned decorative trivet was hand painted by R. Brooks in New England. The picture depicts the fireplace in the Fenno House in Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts back in the days of 1704. (Sturbridge Village is a living history museum)

A little New England history *** I can tell you through experience, as I grew up in Massachusetts and went on many a field trip like this, everything in the painting is real. The pots and pans, the bottles, the furniture....everything was functional. There were pilgrim ladies (volunteers of course) cooking something in the pot you see in the picture, detailing what is what like to live in those times. Very interesting to say the least!

The painting is in excellent condition, however there is a chip in the ceramic and the cork on the back side is very worn.

Measures 6" L x 6" W x 1/8" H