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The Sleeping Bride & The Deadly Travellers by Dorothy Eden Hardcover Romance/Suspense

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The Sleeping Bride introduces not one - but two - exciting heroines:

Aurora, beautiful, glamorous, immensely attractive to men; and her sister Lydia, whose beauty is of a quiet nature. Although she could have had any man she wanted, Aurora impulsively chose Philip Nash, a young artist she had met only recently. Then, on the very eve of her wedding, she disappeared without a trace! In the frantic weeks that followed, Philip and Lydia were together constantly in their search for the missing bride, and it soon became evident to Philip that Aurora's plainer sister was the one he loved.

But could Lydia, aware of her own growing desire for her sister's fiance, dare take what she wanted, as her sister had always done? And where was Aurora? Had she run away voluntarily, or was there something sinister about her life that no one - least of all her sister - had ever guessed?

The Deadly Travellers describes the eerie adventures of pretty, vivacious Kate Tempest, a young woman alone in the world and free to follow her whims. When Kate accepted the job of escorting a little Italian girl from Rome to London, she knew it would be a challenging assignment, for she spoke no Italian, and the child, Francesca, knew no English. En route, not only did Francesca vanish from the Paris Express, but Kate could find no witness to the fact that the child had ever been aboard! Then, just as she had begun to question her own sanity, Kate met two attractive men, both of whom offered their help - and their love.

Caught in a terrifying web of deception and betrayal, she soon realized that one of these men was actually involved in the cruel plot - and that her own life was in mortal danger.

© 1959 Hardcover

Excellent condition, "read" written on inside front cover. No dust jacket.